Friday, August 11, 2017

The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West

About the book:
Goodreads Summary
✥Series/Trilogy/Stand-Alone, etc: Stand Alone
Release DateMay 5, 2015
✥Setting: California
✥Page Count: 346
✥Edition: Paperback
✥Genre(s): Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Women's Fiction/Chick Lit  
✥Date(s) Read: 8/10/17-8/11/17

✥Rating:   5/5

My Thoughts:

I closed this book with a big smile on my face! I loved it from cover to cover!

This is my first Kasie West book. I needed something light, so I took this off of my shelf not quite sure if I would finish it or even get into at the time, just to test to see if it fit what I wanted to read. 

Well, I read the first 90 pages pretty quickly, even though I wasn't feeling 100% at the time. I wanted so desperately to read even though my head was screaming to leave the lights off! But, when I could pick it up to read, I devoured it, even if I had to set it down a little bit later. 

Believe it or not (for those who have read the book), I actually loved the main character, Gia. I know some may not have liked her much, but I guess maybe I understood her a little bit. I also loved the "fill-in boyfriend" from the moment he showed up. I do believe I even loved Bec from the beginning as well. She was a bit gruff, but I liked her. And as the story went on, I grew to love her! 

I went into this book hoping I would like it and could finish it, I came out loving it and it being one of my favorites this year. I am looking forward to grabbing The Distance Between Us and On the Fence. I will try not to go into them with my hopes too high, because when I do, I tend to get a let down. It's not that I am not looking forward to her others, but those are the ones I want to get to first. 

Although, I am not sure if I will read her Pivot Point duology, that is something I'll have to think about because I tend to read a lot of paranormal & fantasy and need a break from that. I am mostly interested in her romances because I would like to get more into romance and when I am in the mood for lighter reads, these types of books are perfect. I said I would try to read more romance and I am going for that. I seem to gravitate more towards YA romance, but I do read and like adult too (As long as it's not too heavy on the drama, language and sex. Which is why I like YA). 

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The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West

About the book : Goodreads Summary ✥Series/Trilogy/Stand-Alone, etc :   Stand Alone ✥ Release Date :  May 5, 2015 ✥Setting :   Ca...