Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Under The Quilt Of Night by Deborah Hopkinson & James E. Ransome (Illustrator/Artist)

About The Book:
✥Series/Trilogy/Stand-Alone, etc: Stand Alone
✥Release DateJanuary 1st 2005 by Aladdin (First Published in 2002)
✥Page Count: 40
✥Edition: Paperback
✥Genre(s): Historical, Fiction, Children's picture book, Poetry, American/African American History, Cultural (African American)
✥Date(s) Read: 7/25/17
✥Rating: 5/5

My Thoughts:
This book is a re-read for me. I first bought this book in February 2005 (I know that because I wrote when I bought it in the book lol). I read this as part of the Booktube-A-Thon 2017 as part of two of the challenges (Read a book outdoors & Read a book in one day). Since I felt it was time that I go through this book again because I do enjoy the pictures in this book & of course the 'story', I decided to go to this one because I knew it would be a quick read I could read in one sitting while outside.

This is a book that I can say is a favorite and probably always will be. Not because it's something to gush over and it's all good feelings and happy thoughts but because it it beautifully drawn & told. It shows a small part of our history that does need to continue to be talked about. Not because we need to throw it in the faces of people, but so that it isn't repeated again for one & well, two, it's just great to know where we came from, what it took to get where we are and what it will take (positively), to keep things moving forward.

I won't go into a long drawn out 'speech' saying we need to "come together", " work together" etc, because we already all know that. But I will say it's time to stop the blame game and hatred. Those who are willing to listen, get with those who are willing to teach but both sides do need to listen and figure out ways to work together and stop shouting at each other. Stop minimizing what our ancestors went through (Regardless of race).

But, I said I wouldn't get into any kind of speeches, so I won't. This could be a teaching moment, but I think the book needs to be a start of great conversations and how to really do what we need to do to make things as peaceful as possible, on our own soil! Regardless of where that soil is!

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