Thursday, July 13, 2017

Due or Die (A Library Lover's Mystery #2) by Jenn McKinlay

✥Series/Trilogy/Stand-Alone, etc: Series-Book 2
✥Release Date: March 6, 2012
✥Page Count: 304
✥ Edition: Paperback
✥Genre(s): Cozy Mystery 
✥Date(s) Read
: 6/13/17-7/13/17
✥Rating: 3/5

I don't know what it is about these books that takes me so long to get through them. I like them well enough but not as much as I do the Cupcake Bakery Mystery series by the same author. I will more than likely finish the series because, as I stated, I do like them & I just want to see how they turn out but I won't force myself through them if I find myself just not enjoying them anymore. 

I like the characters a lot. Their friendships. Love interests, etc. But there is just something missing for me personally. They are very much worth the read if you haven't started on them already. And for those who have read them and loved them, I'm glad. Maybe if I had found these first, I would have enjoyed them more, maybe! I guess I was meant to find the others first so that these wouldn't knock me off of her writing a little, but I would hope that this would just let me see her potential. With Cupcake  Bakery, I know that I can love her writing and that this one just isn't doing it for me personally. I've become repetitive now, so I'll hush. :)

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