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Tex by S.E. Hinton

                                                                Goodreads Summary

Series/Trilogy/Stand-Alone, etcStand Alone
Release DateJanuary 1, 1979
Page Count224
Genre(s)YA/Teen, Fiction, Classics, Coming of Age, Historical, Academic/School
Date(s) Read: [Finished] 5/28/17 
Rating 5/5

(Initially started this book in January but put it down and finally picked it back up to finish it this month)

This was a book that I thoroughly enjoyed. I only put the book down initially because I just wasn't in the mood for it at that time and I didn't want to try to force myself to finish it then having that to affect how I felt about the book. 

There was just something about Tex that I loved. He wasn't a stupid "kid", just, innocent. That innocence sometimes got him into situations he shouldn't have been in. He had a very good heart  about him & sweet. As the story went on and he began dealing with a lot of different things, he was able to learn from them and many times, stand up and handle it. He didn't seem to "run" from much but was smart enough to know when it was time to step away from a situation. Although, there was one particular person/place/thing that was hard for him to walk away from (I put it that way as to not give away too much just in case someone has yet to read it). He had a strong love for horses, especially his own. A very smart horse at that. They seemed to have a real understanding of each other. It appears that he had a great understanding of horses period.

Much of her books seem to have a lot of the same type of plot & characters. Absentee, addict and/or abusive parent(s) (not necessarily all of the above at the same time. Some may be just absentee or died. Another may be an addict of something, etc). A smart teen (high school age usually. About 11th or 12th grade) or young adult (18+) is ready to get out of the small down and do something different. Not wanting to be stuck.

Then, others, who don't mind being in the small town. They always find the positive in everything about the town. They would be happy being right there for the rest of their lives and/or if they choose to leave, fine, if not, fine. But, I always find myself loving the characters. The one who may be hardest on everyone, by the end of the book, you realize why they are so hard on them.

I remember seeing previews for the movies for her books when I was growing up but never watching them (this was in the 1980's). So, when I saw That Was Then, This Is now in the library, I picked it up & read it, not really expecting to enjoy it but hoping I would at least be able to get through it. Well, here I am 3 books later and she is now a new favorite author.

I own this one, Rumble Fish (not yet read) and The Outsiders. I hope to buy That Was Then, This Is Now soon (already read). There is another book by her [Taming The Star Runner], that I was not sure if I will read or not, I am still some what unsure but I am now really considering it even more. I have to look up the summary for that one again soon.

After I finished reading That Was Then, This Is Now, I went to watch the movie, I thought it was okay, but not a favorite. Maybe it's just because I am not really a big movie person anymore. One day, I may go and try to watch Tex & The Outsiders, but I won't push it.


This Gives Some Idea On How I Do My Ratings (and much of it goes by FEELINGS when I close the books)

5/5-Loved it. Amazing. Very few flaws, if any. *Potential favorite* 

4-4.5/5: Really, Really Liked it and/or loved it with just a few flaws. *Still has the potential to be a favorite*

3-3.5: Enjoyed it but wasn't great. Even more flaws than the previous rating

2-2.5/5: I only finished it to know how it ended. May have scanned a bit.

1-1.5/5: DNF'd it and I borderline hated it or, I flat out hated it. Chances are, I just scanned it/skipped chapters and/or read the ending. IF I did even that much. 

0/5: If I don't rate it/Zero rating, I may be considering sending the author a tweet or email telling them to stop writing! (No, I wouldn't be that cruel, but once I get to 1.5 and lower, that might be my mindset lol)

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