Saturday, January 28, 2017

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

✥Series/Trilogy/Stand-Alone, etc: Stand Alone
✥Release Date:  2/2//08
 ✥Page Count: 371
✥ Edition: Paperback and Audio
✥Genre(s): YA, Romance, Chick Lit, Realistic Fiction, Women's Fiction, Contemporary
✥Date(s) Read: 
✥Rating: Book: 3/5

                 Audio: 3.5/5

Audio (Read By-Jennifer Ikeda)
I can say that she read it pretty well. I can't say that she was a favorite though. When she did the teenage boys, they sounded more like 10 y/o boys. lol...But, other than that, as I stated, she did pretty well. She also made it really easy for me to get through the book that I may not have otherwise finished. Which leads me into what I thought about the book, well, as best as I can explain how I felt...

I definitely didn't dislike it, but it also was not a favorite and if I were a person who reread books regularly, going by how I feel right now, I doubt that I would reread it again. I may keep it on my shelves for a while and when it is time to do another possible unhaul, I may make a decision then on whether I keep it or not (unless, I decide earlier).

I can't really tell exact parts that annoyed me, but personally, I feel like people getting upset because they didn't want to tell all that was going on with them and then they don't speak to them any more because of it? That kind of irked me to no end! Even as a teenager, I personally don't remember getting upset because someone wasn't ready/wanting to discuss something. But, maybe there are some that are that way, I don't know. I believe in honesty, but sometimes, people just don't want to talk about something and some things just need to be left alone and unsaid. Other than the few annoying parts, the book was good and worth reading.

I've read one other Sarah Dessen book and loved it but when I tried to read others, I just couldn't get into them. I thought it was just me, but I realized, her books are just hit or miss with me. I will continue to try some of her books and hope I find that one gem that has me closing the book feeling good and smiling but this one just was not it. She is a great writer, but I think just some characters and topics are not for me. So now that I've been able to finish a second book by her, I won't be so hard on myself for not being able to finish some books because I may not be feeling it at the moment, if at all. Hopefully though, next time I try another one of her books, it will be a hit for me.

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