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Book to Movie-My Thoughts: The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

                                                  The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton (G.R. Summary)
                                                  IMDB (Trailer, Cast, etc)

                                                     Book Release: 1967
                                                     Movie Release: 1983
                                                     Book Rating: 4.5/5 🌟
                                                     Movie Rating: 9/10 🌟
                                                     Read: 4/8/16-4/10/16
                                                      Fiction/Young Adult/
                                                     Historical Fiction/Classics,                                                                                                             Academic/School/Realistic Fiction,
                                                   Coming of Age/Childrens

My Thoughts:

Finally, after so many years, a few decades actually, after it came out as a movie, I decided to watch the movie; that is, after I read the book of course.

After wandering through the library one day, I saw That Was Then, This Is Now by S.E. Hinton, picked it up, recognized the title and took it home, not quite sure what I would think. Well, I loved it (5/5 🌟)! Which made me look up her other books. That's when I saw "The Outsiders" & Tex, two more movies I remember but never watched. So then, naturally, I checked out "The Outsiders" and liked that too, a LOT. 

Going into the movies, I'd wondered what I'd think about the movie and the people playing them. Naturally, I compared the movie to the book (all I could remember and really enjoyed it. It was grate to put people and images to the book And the mental images I was able to gather and remember in the 6 months since reading it.) The people and surroundings matched up perfectly for what I would have thought about while reading, with the exception of one. Ralph Macchio. I would not have pictured him in that movie at all, but he did quite well playing Johnny Cade. The rest of the cast, were perfect fits when it came to who I would have picked/visioned if I had a possible cast showed to me. Especially Patrick Swayze! Someone I've loved since Dirty Dancing! 

Why just a 9/10 then? I guess because I'm not a huge movie watcher and the fact, generally, these movies aren't my kind of movies, that took it down 1 star for me. Otherwise, the movie was perfect and near perfect for me. How much that may have been left out, I'm not sure. It wasn't enough for me to notice that it was too heavy editing from the book (After 6 months, I may not remember a whole lot as far as exact details go, but it was still enough that I knew there wasn't a whole lot left out, if anything. I know they can't include every detail from the book into movies, that would make many way too long). I am very much looking forward to watching That Was Then, This Is Now. I am also looking forward to reading Tex (Which I currently own), then eventually, Rumble Fish (I do not own it yet).

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