Thursday, September 1, 2016

Book Outlet Order/Haul + 1 Audible Audio

Did a little book shopping today on Book Outlet & couldn't wait to get them to just share what I bought! And also got one audio!

This is the cover of the physical book that I own. When I looked up the audio for it, I originally wanted to get the free book with .99 audiobook, but I didn't get the narrator I wanted, so audible refunded my money (Thank You Audible). Well, the narrator was more expensive, not too much, so I waited until this morning to buy it! And that narrator, many may know, many may not. Patricia Routledge. Now, for those who don't know who she is, she played in a British Comedy called, Keeping Up Appearances & also a Cozy Mystery show called Hetty Wainthropp Investigates. Now, yes, she has done other things, but those are the two I am familiar with. And I adore her! And I love her voice! Especially what I was able to hear in narration of this book! Actually making me look forward to reading it! Well, listening to it! :-D

Now, my next books, are from Book Outlet:
The next two are the final two books in The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare and shouldn't need too much explanation! ;-)

(Book 5)

(Book 6)

Now, my personal opinion about the last three books is that she could have left it at a trilogy! And just maybe did a novella about one open ended situation. Not a full book. Then to go onto two more after that! But I am completing these because I want to go onto Magnus Bane, The Infernal Devices and the Shadow Hunter Academy Books (I hope). Which leads me into the next ones I bought.

                                (Bind up: Magnus Bane Chronicles. Novellas/Short Stories)

I am kind of nervous about these. As much as I like Magnus, I am not quite sure what I am going to think about trying to get through all of the short stories. But, I am hoping I love them. And get to know more about this Handsome Warlock!

The Next 3 Are a trilogy..And it will be obvious what they are by the pictures! It was cheaper for me to buy them individually on Book Outlet, than to buy the box set on Amazon. Although, I would have loved to have them that way..But I still have the beautiful covers..At least I hope that's what I get! LOL...I will try to update if anything changes! ;-)

The Infernal Devices Trilogy:
(Book 1)

(Book 2)

(Book 3)

Now, for those who I have listened to talk about these books, many have loved these more than The Mortal Instruments. And that includes even ones who loved T.M.I. So, I hope I feel the same way! 

Now, my final Book Outlet book for this order is:

I have also read:

And I enjoyed them so much that I said I would try to make it through the rest of her books. And this one was the next one I wanted to read. If/When I finish this one, I will try to go on to Rumble Fish as well. It looks like she has at least a couple more books that I may look into later, maybe! 

To look into the summaries of each book just click where it says the title of the books or where it says summary. They should lead you right to them, if not, let me know and I will try to fix them.

If any of the covers are different than the ones I put up, I will try to update it with a picture of the book(s). But, those covers I have, are the covers that were on the website. And I already own Wuthering Heights. 

But, as I finish each one, I will more than likely do at least a rating. More than likely, a "review" as well (I like saying MY OPINION more than Review, but I guess it's the same difference huh?!?!) :-)

Okay, I'm done rambling on now. Thanks for reading all of this if you got this far! :-) 

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