Friday, September 2, 2016

Another Book Order!

Thriftbooks sent me a 10% off email this morning as a birthday 'gift' and I didn't pass it up!

These covers I'm showing, are the covers I ordered, what I get? Who knows?

I still need to get to book 5, but I wanted to get as many of the books in the series as possible (8 out right now)

I saw the original movie when I was younger. I remember liking it well enough, but I was young and I'm not sure if that was a factor in my not really caring either way about it. I may try watching it again in the future. This will be my first time reading it. Guess I'll see what I think when I decide to get to it.

I read book one some time ago and thought it was really cute. I wasn't in a hurry to go on, but knew I wanted to. If I had seen a decent copy, I was willing to pick it up. I just used this opportunity to get one. 

Now, on Goodreads, it is marked as a first book in a trilogy/series, but as I scanned over some questions, some were saying that there's actually a book before this one and that one should be read first to make this one less confusing. Sigh. I've Got You Under My Skin is the name of it. So, when I think I am ready to read the Cinderella Murder, I may try to get I've Got You Under My Skin. 

All of this book shopping is a Birthday Gift to me! Lol..Rough day, but I made it through and have books to look forward to! :-)

Well, that's it, for now! Hopefully I will get all the covers I picked, or, one better! I am trying to get better at blogging. Maybe one day I'll do more than just book stuff, but I guess I'll need to get used to doing it first, so, why not start with what I'm comfortable with? Thanks to all who read all of this. :-)

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